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I stumbled upon this last night, and I can’t get enough. Why isn’t anyone talking about them?

You’re always content when adversity is your yardstick

A few years ago, I’d gone camping with a friend. We’d just finished dinner, and I was doing my best to rinse out our cooking utensils in the feeble glow of my tent light. We didn’t have much water or detergent. After fussing about for a bit, my friend, seeing I wasn’t entirely happy with the outcome, said “It’s ok, they’re camp-clean.” Meaning of course they’re not as clean as they could be, but they’re clean enough, and I should leave them be. There were other things to enjoy—crackling fire, hot cocoa and… stars.

That stayed with me. Maybe because…

Based on Beatty’s Chocolate Cake by Ina Garten

I’ve recently learned to bake a few staples and I’m more interested in fine tuning those before moving on to others. As the father of a five year-old, chocolate cake tops that list.

I’d tried chocolate cake before, and despite the fact that it was my first time baking anything, I felt the recipe was lacking. I turned to my friend Caitlin, a dab hand at baking anything, for help. She pointed me to this recipe by Ina Garten.

Seemed simple enough to make, so why would this be better than what I’d tried before? For starters, buttermilk and coffee…

Visualizing design feedback to encourage collaboration

This is something I’m doing more of, figured I’d share.

As a design manager, I’ve always found it difficult to know exactly when to grab the marker from someone when offering feedback. There is the natural urge to just offer up a solution, or be so prescriptive that I might as well have designed the thing myself. Those aren’t great approaches and don’t do much to help a designer grow.

The other end of the spectrum is just as bad, I think. Offering verbal feedback and expecting their design to match what I’m seeing in my head. It works sometimes…

How I got veggies and spice into my child at an early age

Khichdi is an Indian stew of rice, lentils and vegetables. I cobbled together my own recipe when my daughter was a few months old, and five years later it is still a healthy staple I rely on to fill gaps in her nutrition. Several friends have asked me for the kids’ version so I’m finally getting around to writing this. It’s pretty forgiving (so forgiving, in fact, that you’ll notice I measure some ingredients by the fistful) so don’t overthink it.

  • A fistful of white rice
  • A fistful of split red lentils
  • 2–3 fistfuls of diced mixed veggies.
    I typically…

All of the flavor, none of the acidity

We ran out of beans, with 8 inches of snow outside and the mercury hovering around freezing. At times like these, we make chai. I haven’t been drinking it since I turned vegan because plant milks just don’t work as well in chai; they’re not fat enough to cut the acridity that a strong Indian black tea possesses.

Got me thinking.

If the Aeropress can strip the acidity from coffee to produce a full-bodied but smooth cupful, could it do the same for black tea? Turns out it can.

I use the upside-down method of brewing with the Aeropress. Milk…

There’ve been a lot of discussions about how shortform works, so we thought a quick primer might help. We’re also making an update to help shortform earn on Medium.

Shortform is any story under 150 words (including title and subtitle), and it is eligible to earn money if it is metered. Like all stories on Medium, shortform earns based on reading time on its story page, not simply viewing it in a feed.

A few months ago, we made reading more frictionless on Medium by switching to a single stream of stories on profile and publication homepages, making it easier…

A unique Medium profile and address

Your Medium profile is where readers get to know more about you, to see the face behind the name, the mind behind the words. For writers, it’s a place to showcase ideas for the millions of curious eyes and hungry minds that flock to Medium each day. Your profile should be every bit as distinct as the stories you publish in it. But it isn’t. Today, we take the first step towards changing that.

My new Medium profile, straight out of the box

In an effort to empower individual creators, we’ve taken what we learned from developing expressive tools for publications and brought it to everyone’s Medium profile. You…


I’ve always struggled with the way devi is portrayed in imagery or sculpture. She looked nothing like my mother. And my mother was everything like her.

Ritwik Dey

Father, husband, vegan, Design Director at Medium. Trying to do as much with as little as possible.

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