You’re always content when adversity is your yardstick

A few years ago, I’d gone camping with a friend. We’d just finished dinner, and I was doing my best to rinse out our cooking utensils in the feeble glow of my tent light. We didn’t have much water or detergent. After fussing about for a bit, my friend, seeing…

Visualizing design feedback to encourage collaboration

This is something I’m doing more of, figured I’d share.

As a design manager, I’ve always found it difficult to know exactly when to grab the marker from someone when offering feedback. There is the natural urge to just offer up a solution, or be so prescriptive that I might…

How I got veggies and spice into my child at an early age

Khichdi is an Indian stew of rice, lentils and vegetables. I cobbled together my own recipe when my daughter was a few months old, and five years later it is still a healthy staple I rely on to fill gaps in her nutrition. Several friends have asked me for the…


I’ve always struggled with the way devi is portrayed in imagery or sculpture. She looked nothing like my mother. And my mother was everything like her.

Ritwik Dey

Father, husband, designer at Trying to do as much with as little as possible.

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